Orbit Balls spotted

I searched to see if there was a thread of where the balls have been spotted but did not see one. Thought would start one. My mother-in-law, who was staying with us during the kick off, has spotted 7 balls at the Wal-Mart in Villa Park Il (as of 10am today).

We already have 14 so I told her I would post this out there. I know it is snowing there in Chicago but if you are still in search of some practice pieces, you can try and make it over there.

Anyone else?

wal-mart has been the only store that we know of that has sold orbit balls. unfortunatly, they have discontinued them as far as we know. i have read reports of some teams finding a site in the bouls of the internet and other teams ordering them strait form china, but i cant conferm those reports my self.

so all we can do is to hope wal-mart restocks or that all the teams share when we go to practice fields…

-Team 1778-

FYI: Your team can now buy 3 of them:


we were able to find six orbit balls at k-mart. Try your local one. :smiley: :confused: