Ordering Bimba Cylinders

I need to order two Bimba, 3/4" bore, 1" stroke cylinders for our teams AM shifters.

The bimba part number is M-041-DP, but the bimba online catalog does not appear to be working very well (says its under construction).

Any help? They shouldn’t be that difficult to find.

If you have the part number, you can contact the Distributors to order from.

You can also see if they have it in stock and the price, as well as when to expect it here at different distributors:

Check around their site next time. Catching your own fish is more rewarding than having it caught for you.

How/why does the AM Shifter need 1" stroke to shift it? Other teams’ similar transmissions use less then 3/8" stroke to shift. If 1/2" stroke will do, I can get you those for $14 each plus shipping.

EDIT: I made a slight boo boo. You do need the 1" stoke unless you modify the standoffs that hold the clyinder mount. I think it is designed this way so all the standoffs are the same length. Thats what Jeff from 1138 told me. Anyway, the offer still stands on the 1/2" Sorry I can’t get 1"

Sorry, I know this is about a month old.

If I am not mistaken, 1/2" stroke 3/4" bore cylinders may not be legal in FIRST. While you can purchase Bimba cylinders outside of the ones Bimba provides free, you can only use the same type that are offered to FIRST teams. This is off the top of my head but while bimba makes a 1/2" stroke 3/4" bore cylinder, the shortest stroke cylinder they offer to FIRST teams in the 3/4" bore is 1" in length.

Of course you will have to ask Andy himself, but while the shifter could have been built to accept 1/2" stroke cylinders, to make it legal for first, I believe they had to go with a 1" stroke cylinder and limit its travel.

Last year we got 1/2" stroke 3/4" bore cylinders for free from Bimba through the FIRST ordering page.

Thanks for pointing that out, if you got them free on the BIMBA/FIRST website link,then they are definitely legal.

I do believe that maybe in one of the previous years, you couldn’t get them though, because I think I tried. I Could be wrong, getting older yah know!

You are most definitely correct, I looked at a 2005 manual and the 1/2" stroke was available.

Sorry if I may have misled anyone.


Anyways, I FINALLY got my cylinders.

FYI! don’t order from Bimba’s distributor in San Jose, they are completely incompetent. I ordered the cylinders and nothing happened for three weeks. I called them up and they had forgot to ship them :eek: I called them again but to no avail, they never showed up. I finally gave up and bought them somewhere else.

How interesting. Either this past year or the year before, I ordered two of the smallest cylinders, and a rotary actuator (through the FIRST order form). Like 2 and a half weeks later, no word, no shipment, so I call them. Rotary actuator was out of stock, so they put the whole order on hold and never let me know.

We bought our cylinders from them this year.

Got them 5 days later, max.