Ordering Extra Awards/Medals

There is a form on FIRST’s page to order extra medals and things if your team didn’t receive enough. There is also a password required to edit it… Does anyone know what it is?

Where did you find this form? Can you provide a link to the page?

The order form is linked at the top of this FIRST page: http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc/post-season-order-form

It shouldn’t need to be unlocked, but I did have problems with activating the pull-down choices on it.
I eventually just talked to the awards company and placed my order directly with them over the phone at [email protected].

That’s the form for ordering (i.e. paying for) additional awards.

Per this FRC blog post, http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc/blog-practice-day-and-pins-medallions-and-trophies, FIRST was supposed to send you the balance of what you didn’t get at the competition. All a team would have to pay for is shipping. To my knowledge, they’ve never publicly posted the method for achieving that.

I wouldn’t pay for medals you are owed. I would contact FIRST HQ.

Yea, I haven’t had any luck with getting the missing medals from FIRST HQ that way yet, and don’t have a lot of time to pursue.

I was at the end of the team line each time, so I missed getting any medals and need them for a school board presentation two weeks after Championship.
So I paid for several hoping to have them in hand.

If you figure out how to get the one’s you’re missing please let me know.
I still have students and mentors without medals and the students like to wear them at Graduation ceremonies.

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I’ve been told that on the post season sales order form there is a formula so that we are not charged for the allocated additional medals, just shipping.
I wasn’t able to confirm, since the form didn’t work for me.

I just found out the form won’t charge you for the first 10 medals ordered. FIRST presumes your team got your allocated 40 (per Frank’s blog). They are giving you up to 50 no charge. If you got fewer than 40 at a competition, you’ll have to contact FIRST HQ.

Thanks for the advice on this, but realistically do you think that this would take a long period of time to do. We were hoping to make senior gifts with the medals and yes graduation is 2 months away it would still be nice not to leave it to the very end over a few dollars.

Also when you ordered them through the company Mark McLeod, did you receive the ribbons with them or no?

It turns out that everything goes through the awards company anyway.
They are the ones shipping the medals.

The medallions are supposed to come with the ribbons.
I ordered both Chairman’s and Winners medallions and the only difference between them is the ribbon.

We had an issue where we only had about ~10 students at our awards ceremony and we only got a medal per student that was there. I was later told we were supposed to get extras at the event, does anyone know if this is true and if so who I can contact?

Per Frank’s Blog, you are supposed to receive up to 40 medals at the event, and you can receive an additional 10 max at no cost after the fact (via the form) if your team is bigger than that.

You are definitely owed more. Please contact team support at FIRST HQ and explain your situation.

I’m bumping this because I did a search but couldn’t find anything. Sorry if I missed it.
I’m trying to put our order in for more medallions, and it seems they’ve updated the sheet so we can now actually edit most of the sheet.

However, as I am trying to enter my credit card type and billing/shipping zip, I am told those cells are locked and I need a password to unlock it.
I have the entire form completed except for these three locked cells.

Has anyone else run into this problem? Resolved it? Is there a password I’m missing out on? Thanks!

Have you tried both of the two posted versions of the order form?

  1. Excel (2008)
  2. Excel (97-2003)
    If you can’t edit the Credit Card fields, you can send the form in and call them on the phone with your credit card info, which is what I ended up doing.

As a side note our medals shipped yesterday and reached Secaucus, NJ this morning. Should reach us by tomorrow.

It seems the 97-2003 version is still stuck on completely locked for me(can’t edit anything). The 08 version is the one I was working on above with the three locked cells.
You raise a good point and I think I will follow your lead; thanks for the suggestion. It’s also exciting to hear there’s a chance our seniors will get their medal before they graduate.

Thanks Mark, It was great working with you guys this year! Wishing you all a restful but productive off-season! We look forward to seeing you next year.
(I think HHH Invitational is filled already :frowning: )

Oh and to go way off topic, we have your teams stuff from CMP’s safe and secure in our school, we tried contacting you guys but we want to triple check so that you don’t think we forgot about your stuff!
You can contact us here or with the contact info Mr. Citro has so we can get it all back to you whenever you’d like.

I spoke with FIRST HQ about this issue. Granted we are a bigger team, but we did not receive 40 medals at Championships (only 22) and when we asked for extras they told me “Every team only gets a certain amount” and then shooed me off. The woman in charge of medals at HQ was super helpful and was upset that we had been put in that situation. She assured me that she would personally send the medals we needed (more then the 10 MAX that was originally stated) as soon as the trucks got back to New Hampshire. So I would definitely suggest giving them a call and giving them some helpful feedback.