Ordering Extra Hard Hat Pins

During the Ventura 2019 Regional, our team was recognized as the top 3 safety teams, winning the hard hat pins. We only received 30 pins, and we are a team of about 60. The website to buy extra medals and plaques does not have them. Any idea on where to buy them?

We should have some extra (we were runner ups at our first event and won the award at our second, so we ended up with two bags of pins this season), but I’m not sure how many. I’ll check on that, we can figure out a way to get whatever extras we have to you.

It looks like we have about 15 extra. There are a couple of people from around here heading down to Houston to volunteer, I can probably hand them off to one of them to deliver to your pit. Not all of the ones you need, but a good chunk of them!

Anything helps. Thank you!

I actually may have a line on 15 more from another team in the area here. Let me see if we can get things coordinated here and I’ll let you know what the final numbers are, probably by Monday.

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I have 29 pins in hand for you! Half from my team, half from 4607. I’m going to meet up with the chief volunteer coordinator later this week to hand them off, since she’ll be in Houston next week. Who should she ask for when she gets to your pit?

Sorry for such a late response, haven’t been on Delphi due to Houston prep. I received them, and now everyone on my team can have a safety pin. Greatly appreciated!