Ordering Parts, NI Especially

Here’s a heads up that mey seem like common sense but it wasn’t for us:

Before you order a piece/part be sure to call the distributor and confirm that your part is specific for FRC. We ordered a new 9472 module for the cRio. We needed it because we are using 12v and 24v soleniods. When we ordered the 9472 from NI, it came but it was the wrong one. NI manufactures the module specifically for FRC and the one you get from the website has the wrong outputs. So…we learned the hard way that its easier to get them on the phone and confirm. By the way, NI is super. We had to have our cRio replaced last year and then this module replaced this year. They make it super easy and no-hassle and should be commended for it. Hope this helps some of the newer teams out there. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!

TEAM 3053, NY