Ordering Skyway Wheels?

Does anyone know if there is a Skyway Order Form this year similar to the one from last year? I haven’t seen one and I cant find it on the FIRST site.

You can always call in your order.

Toll Free: 800-332-3357

Hi Mike,

If you call 1-800-332-3357 and give the operator your team number, they will fax you an order form and parts list. It tool about 8 minutes for our fax to arrive.

While I have your attention, Mike, do you know where we can get a dual sprocket for the FIRST transmission so we can have four wheel drive?


I ordered wheels earlier this week. To place the order you need to call 1-800-332-3357. Give them your team number and Fax number and they will send the order form right away. (I got mine within two minutes of hanging up). Good luck

The FIRST transmission is designed to accept 2x single sprockets.
To buy 2 additional sprockets (2 came in the kit) you can refer to this page:

We ordered Skyway wheels last week and requested 2 day shipping. When they did not arrive I called their 800 number and was informed that they were out of stock for most of the bead-lock wheels. If you are waiting for these you may want to make alternate arrangements.