Ordering T-Shirts

Hey, I was wondering what company people used to make their team t-shirts?

Team 3062 uses a local company called Tees-n-Tops, almost every shirt done for our school is from them actually.They are Alumni of the school.

The Robettes used a local company in Minnesota; Eagan Shirt Werks. They are very gracious, since your location is in Colorado im not sure how much this will help your team.
Have a great season!!

our team has used custominc.com the past couple of years. You can save your design, share your design, add numbers and names. Plus depending on your design, if you list sponsors on the back or something.

I would recommend looking locally, we get ours done by a local shop at a discount. It’s often a lot easier to get a discount locally, especially since it is unlikely that you will be buying in bulk.