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Hi everyone!:upside_down_face:
My team’s workshop is pretty small so it is hard to find space for everything and a lot of times it becomes pretty messy.
We are looking to reorganize our workshop in a more efficient way before the season begins,
So I’d like to hear (or see if you could add photos) of the ways you organise the tolls, supplies or basically anything in your workshop.


If there is one thing i can reccomend, label makers are incredibely useful when you need a section of your toolbox dedicated to certain tools, such as wrenches, screwdrivers, even stuff like wire and drill bits. If you have a tool box, make dedicated drawers for different tools, and if you have different sizes for those different tools, label the sizes and organize them by color and size, one color for one size tool.

If your looking for ways to organize components and or smaller mechanical components (ex: gearbox plates, pinions, spacers, clecos, rivets, etc) I would look into getting one of these if you have the space.

But if you dont have the space for those, get smaller hardware storage boxes such as these.

There is alot of different ways you can organize stuff in your build room! It just depends on how much you have, and what available space you have. I still highly suggest getting a label maker to make it easier to find tools and or items.

Also maybe take into consideration of what you dont need, sometimes you may have too much tools or have been keeping items from previous years, always good to take inventory.


Thank you so much!

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These are also good to bring to competitions as well. Especially if you don’t have that much, being able to bring most of your shop and hardware is very useful.

+1 on these


We have the above mentioned big cabinet we like.
Also this stuff is nice if you have wall space.

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