Organization of Non-Robot Teams

My team has recently been talking about restructuring the non-robot teams (Website and A/V/Publicity) so that we can more accurately label the purpose of the team (for example, A/V almost never does publicity, and Website tends to do most of the media cataloging).

The big two we talked about are merging both into a big Press/Publicity team, or restructuring the teams into a Publicity and a “Visual Arts”-esque team (which would handle internal designs, photo, and video).

The general idea behind the change is so that we can attract incoming freshmen who are talented in things like writing but never classified him or herself as a webmaster.

I would love to hear any opinion you have on this.

Well first good job on re-structuring. Not many people want to re-do the organization. It’s good that you guys are analyzing this.

If you’re looking for just a visual-arts esque team, sound like they do a lot of Media related things. This would make them be in charge of anything that is multimedia based for the team.

I wouldn’t combine them, because like you said, there are some students interested not in the visual stuff, but more into organizing events and getting out there, interacting with teams etc. So you should have opportunities in leadership for both types of kids.

More subteams = more leadership opportunities (of course too many subteams messes with everything).

Keep in mind, that both of these sub-teams will work closely together. Ideally, both sub-team leaders would communicate constantly and work on things together a lot.

I also just noticed you’re from 1403.

We have one division called “marketing” that is a catch-all for everything non-robot (web, sponsors, awards, mentoring, publicity, apparel, etc). We’re a smaller crew, so we all do a little of everything, but certain people have a specialty and/or positions within marketing (Director of Outreach, Treasurer, Director of Graphics, etc). We constantly toy with the idea of at least changing our name, since “marketing” doesn’t sound quite as exciting as building a robot, and doesn’t accurately reflect all that we do.

digitxp, how many people are on your non-robot teams?