Organized scouting in Newton

I’m compiling a database with info about teams on the Newton division. What I need is:
Team #:
Team name:
How many goals?
How many balls?
Has a tether?
Brief summary of regional participation
If possible, pictures or videos of the robot in action.

After it is done, I’m gonna send it to anyone who wants it.

So here is our information:
Team 383
Brazilian Machine
1 goal
12+ balls
Two tethers
20th seed/Winner in Seattle
Pictures and videos coming soon

Thanks in advance,

Team #: ~166

Team name:~ BluePrints (Merrimack High FIRST)

How many goals? ~ 1 or 2

How many balls?~ currently 25, it will go down to around 10-15 (estimated) after our modifications the first day

Has a tether? ~nope

Brief summary of regional participation ~ Attended UTC Regional and placed 27th and won Play of The Day award, for all those who went to UTC- We work well now! We fixed our bugs before shipping it off to nationals at UTC and we rebuilt the transmissions in the 3 days afterwards to make them stronger and more reliable! Now we won’t need 195 helping us and 151 making us new drive shafts…

If possible, pictures or videos of the robot in action.~ Check out our website @ we have some pics in action from Unveiling a couple days before shipping there then our pro picture… they are working on getting the video up…

How do we know what Divisions where in?

Check out the FIRST website under Championship event the links for the divisions are now open, just look through for your team #!

btw- your team (384) is in the Newton (gold) division!

Team #: 269
Team name: Cooney-Quest
How many goals? 2
How many balls? 8 We average about 3 dumps a match
Has a tether? No
Brief summary of regional participation
2002 MMR 3rd Seed…Lost in 3 Semi-Finals Matches to 107, 71 and 519
2002 MMR Xexrox Creativity Winner

Team #: 173
Team name: R[obotics] A[nd] G[adget] E[ngineering]
How many goals? 1
How many balls? 15 max, 13 avg
Has a tether? no

Our entry into the robot showcase can be found here:

How we did at our regionals:
25th seed at Long Island Regional (45 qp, rounded)
Champion at Long Island Regional

2nd seed at New England Regional (85 qp, rounded)
Finalist at New England Regional

Videos showing our functionality can be found here:

Videos of us in action should be on somewhere…

Team Name: Miracle Workerz
Robot Name: MOE (Miracle Of Engineering)

of goals: 3

of balls: none

Tether: yes
At VCU: Eliminated in Semi-Finals
Imagery Award
At Philly: Eliminated in Semi-Finals
Chairman’s Award
Pictures and Video on website

Team Number - 810
Team Name - The Mechanical Bulls
How Many Goals - Depends on whether we make our system work, so it might be 0, or it might be 2.
How Many Balls - N/A
Has A Teather - N/A
Brief Summary of Regional Participation -
First of all, we went to 2 regionals. SPBLI and NYC. At SPBLI we kidna sucked, due to many problems that have no been ironed out. We still did pretty good, being choosen for an alliance, but the alliance was overall weak, so we lost. We did however pick up the “Highest Rookie Seed” award, so all was not lost. Jump forward a week in time, and major improvements were beheld. At NYC we fixed our bot, and increased power by a whole lot. We went on to get “Rookie All Star” (yay for business cards! :p) on Friday. Sat, we had a bad morning, bad pairings. We wound up in 9th place overall (picking up a second “Highest Rookie Seed”) and then making it to be a picking alliance. Along with 694 and 596 (?) we got into the semi-finals, only to be beaten by our good friends from Hauppauge (358). Overall, we still did really well for a rookie team.

For pics, go here:
Refresh the first page, and you’ll see a bunch of pics of our robot when it was in pieces (durig the rebuild at NYC). None of us in action though, i think. Remember, hit Refresh, not “Enter”, otherwise you’ll go to our homepage, and i don’t think there’s many pics there yet.

Team #: 368
Team name: Kika Mana

How many goals? 1

How many balls? Continually picks up balls and shoots on the run, but can hold up to about 7 balls.

Has a tether? No

Brief summary of regional participation:
2002 Los Angeles Regional 2nd place winner
2002 Los Angeles Regional Judges Award Winner
2002 Los Angeles Regional Leadership in Control Award
2002 San Jose Regional Quater-finalist
2002 San Jose Regional Delphi "Driving Tomorrow’s Technology” Award

If possible, pictures or videos of the robot in action.
Visit our site for pictures and videos. The link is

I was very happy that a fellow Hawaii team, team 833 took the regional championship honor along with your team! Good job to both the Brazilian Buddies, HPA! Looking forward to seeing your awesome robot/team in Florida in less than a week! :slight_smile:

1 Goal
15+ Balls
No Tether

#1 Seed
Regional Finalists (2nd Place)
General Motors Industrial Design Award

Great Lakes
Regional Champion (1st Place)
Engineering Inspiration Award

West Mighigan
#1 Seed
Regional Semifinalists (3rd Place)
Honeywell Controlls Award
Play of the Day Award
Highest QP match 156 pts. (53 to 52)

Team 384
Sparky 3.0
Tucker Tigers
3 goals
No balls
Spring-loaded teather

We did a good job in the elim, but we had problems with some things. We have worked out the potential bugs. We were paired in the finals with MOE and got eliminated at the quorter finals.

2002 Xerox Creativity Award winners :smiley:

We have pictures in the Chief Delphi gallery and Inventor, pictures, and other things at our web page.

Team#: 65
The Huskie Brigade
1 goal
10+ balls from the floor (flow thru design)
sendhome device

#1 seed (96.0 avg QPs)
Regional Champion

#15 seed
first pick of #5 alliance
lost in quarterfinals

Team 271
Mechanical Marauders
Goals: 1 or 2, can release independently, lock them to chasis
Balls: 10 player station, average 9.9 (literally) 99/100
Tether: Yes


Long Island: 13th seed, Had one problem twice, fixed the problem totally. We were picked by the Aztechs and they had us play every game (never opted out) we went to Semi-Finals and lost in the third ,match due to the Cyber-Knights accidently running their grabber into our pneumatics/electronics (protection added afterwards and works well). Machine performed very well

UTC: 7th seed, Machine did great! Lost only one Qualification Match and it was by 3 balls, and it was against the Aztechs and another high seeded team, 45 to 48. If we would have won the match we would have been second place… if if if… :wink: Picked Buzz and 716 for Partners, won Quarter-finals in 2 games and lost in the third match of the Semi’s to RAGE.

I haven’t posted any pics of our bot anywhere but I ahve some really nice pics of it with 2 goals and 10 balls, if you want some jsut message me (AIM or CD) and I’ll set up an FTP account for ya’

I Dl’ed all of our matches at UTC from Soap, I don’t know if I’m allowed to redistribute them but I have an account set up, so if I’m not allowed would someone from SOAP contact me, until then
ftp://fast:[email protected]

I’d reccomend watching match 33 to see the immense power of Pneumatic hoses!! and that problem which was repeated in the match folowing that one was due to Weight reduction and was fixed and as you can see the grabbers work perfect in every following match.


Oh Btw as you can see from vids, we are powerful, and we can handle two goals pretty well and one goal extremely well. Peace!

Team 159
Alpine Robotics
Goals: 1 automatic latch, releasable, lifts goal for traction
plan on adding second latch
Balls: Can shoot off the floor
Drive: Two speed,
hi speed ~ 7.5 fps/sec - 3 sec to latch goal
lo speed ~ 2.5 fps/sec with tons of traction
Tether: Plan on adding steerable mouse

Pacific NW Regional:
seeded 11th with 54 qps. Lost one quailifying match by one ball to the Brazilian Machine, 39 to 40. One extra ball would have moved us into the second seed, oh well :wink: Lost in the quarter finals.

Team 159 Alpine Robotics
2002 Regional Chairman’s Award

Thanks for everyone that replied!
(If you are in Newton and didn’t yet, do it!)

If we have time, we will do a pretty nice “giveaway” for the teams in our alliance.

By the way, if you check what teams are in Newton all the time and don’t use bookmarks, try this shortcut: :wink:

Team #: 547
Team name: Bird Brains
How many goals? 2 quick grab and release
How many balls? 0
Has a tether? not presently

KSC Regional - Winner Delphi “Driving Tomorrow’s Technology Award”. 31 out of 47

4 motor (bosch + Atwood), 4 wheel drive, good traction
~ 6 fps single speed

Never Broke Down - a reliable alliance partner

2001 - VCU Rookie All Star
2001 - Team 5 award for Best Special Feature
2001 - National Rookie All Star
2002 - KSC Delphi “Driving Tomorrow’s Technology” (drive train)

See this thread in Robot Showcase

moving a goal…
Pushing around the competition…

Thanks for asking !!
Mike Rozar

I wrote “If we have time, we will do a pretty nice “giveaway” for the teams in our alliance”, but I meant “If we have time, we will do a pretty nice “giveaway” for the teams in our DIVISION”.

I think we will manage to make black and white copies for every (or most) teams. Look for us in our pits!

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