Organizing CAN Wire


Anyone have examples of how they organized their CAN wiring. All our CAN devices surround the PDP so it goes in a big circle before terminating in the PDP so it’s a lot of green yellow in a small space. (Four speed controllers on each side with PCM at top).


This is generally what we try to do, however we usually have CAN devices spread around the robot (minimizing other wire runs) and this and last season have terminated the network at some device away from the rest (not the PDP). We always try however to make the entire bus traceable from device to device to aid in troubleshooting.


We loop the extra can wire and zip tie it to the speed controller which it comes from. This made tracing easier for us.


From Our Summer Training Project:

CAN wire sneaks around under Talon power into PDP then finally to PCM with a terminating resistor. Solid solder connections between each Talon; ferrules on everything else.

Talon label codes are really the only thing that helps us keep track. :yum:


Those SRX covers are nice! Any chance you could share those .stl files?


This just a example of how Jersey organizes CAN on individual talons. we like to cut them short, then add Molex latching connectors on them. This keeps the wires short and easy to manage. We always try to keep the Rio and PDP as the terminating devices.


For sure! (as soon as we find them :upside_down_face:)


We do the same but heat shrink the loops of wire. I’ll have to get a picture tomorrow


Here is the SRX cover:

1625-18-SRX Cover.stl (9.0 MB)


Awesome! Thank you!