Organizing precision manufacturing tool accessories

There have been other great discussions about organizing robotics stuff, but this topic is narrower.

Last year we got a new shop… and we’ve gradually been getting it better organized. One area we are still disorganized is on the precision manufacturing side… millling machine & lathe tooling & accessories. We have a collet holder for our larger mill, but otherwise stuff is sitting around on various shelves in trays or in random tool case drawers, and when you need something specific it can take a longer time to find than desired.

Clearly just labeling better will help, but I’m wondering what systems (grouping schemes, task-oriented, etc.) teams may be using for this kind of stuff to maximize productivity. Pictures would be great as well - please share if you have a good system.

Thanks !

The shop we work out of has a set of drawers at the end of each lathe with all the lathing tools which is super handy.

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