Organizing the biggest eco-event in the FIRST history (hopefully)

Hey, FIRST community! As part of the Eco FIRST project, we are going to launch a Green Week challenge from 1st to 7th October, so we are inviting teams all around the world to take part in it. Green Week challenge is a week when teams organize cleanings in the local communities to draw community attention to pressing environmental issues. If your team would like to join it, you just needed to fill the table. Here’s the link:

Also when you’ll organize the cleaning, could you make post about it with hashtag #ecofirst💚in your instagram if you have it!

If you would like to follow all the international Eco FIRST events, we’re inviting you to our server in discord:

Please share the information to your and other teams in your community to organize the biggest eco-challenge in the FIRST history!

PS. If your community is under the quarantine, it is not a problem. Even if 2 people from the team come out to collect the trash, the world will become at least a little cleaner! Remember, if every person on earth disposes of a kilogram of trash, then we will no longer have the trash on our planet!


Can I bring Turt Reynolds?

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