Organizing Tips?

Posted by Anton Abaya at 2/13/2001 1:13 AM EST

Coach on team #419, Rambots, from UMass Boston / BC High and NONE AT THE MOMENT! :(.

Hey guys, we’re trying to prepare all our stuff and possibly buy stuff we need to maintain efficiency at the competition. What have you guys done in the past to organize ur tools and stuff? (the cheaper the better)…

Any suggestions ? tips ?


Posted by Ellery at 2/13/2001 12:16 PM EST

Engineer on team #191, X-CATS, from Joseph C. Wilson High School, Rochester NY and Xerox Corporation.

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Posted by Anton Abaya on 2/13/2001 1:13 AM EST:

What we’ve always done have been keeping a multi-chambered kit for standard fasteners and use only those in the design. As for the tools - bring a large toolbox with alittle of everything from basic drivers , taps,allen wrenches(english and Metric sets) lubricants, cordless drills,Files, vice,etc. but as for drill bits and taps stick to the standards - for example 1/4-20, metric(4-40,8-32,10-32), screws (sizes from 1/2"-2"), and nuts, lockwashers, and flat washers; also bring taps & drill bits( clearance & Tap) for all those sizes.

Spare parts for all damage prone parts are all stored in totes per subsystem (ie. drives, elevation, acquisition)

Hope this gives you an idea.