Orientation Presentation Ideas

hello, I am trying to make a orientation type presentation to show new members of our team. it will likely explain what FIRST is, explain the FRC build season, competition schedule, and other good to know information about being on the team. I was wondering if any one would be able to share similar presentations if they have them so that they could be used as ideas. I have looked around quite a bit, but have found very little on the subject. additional, if you have any ideas on things that you believe are requirements for new members to know, it would be great if you would share them.

This was our informational presentation. There are some jokes/information in there that won’t make sense without the verbal supplement, but in a nutshell we briefly described FIRST, FRC and its distinct culture, the benefits of FRC, and introduced our team, followed by a relatively detailed description of each subteam’s roles, and then leading into a robot demo/q&a.

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