Original Image

I am using labview for the first time this year. Can someone help me understand how the “Original Image” object is created in the Rectangular Target Processing vi? If my vi had only a readMJPEG sub-vi in it, how would I add the Original Image (indicator?) to my front panel to display the camera image? Sorry i am even struggling with the right way to word this question so I can try to clafiy if needed. Thanks!

That is an image display control. You get it by right clicking on the front panel (gray window), going to the bottom of the popup, and choosing one of the Image Displays.

Note that like all controls, it can be either an input or an output. Inputs are called controls, and outputs indicators, but the terminology is loose.

The other way to temporarily see an image on a wire is to use a probe. You right click and choose to show a probe.

Greg McKaskle