Original & Sustaining

Hi All,
I thought that as we come up on the 20th FRC kickoff it would be an appropriate time to salute those teams who got things started 20 years ago.


I can only imagine what is was like to be on a team in December 1991, and not knowing what was coming.

I also wanted to salute those teams, organizations and especially individuals who have been with FIRST for the whole 20 years.

So I hope you’ll join me in saluting the original 28, and the remaining 7…

Thanks to all of you!


My thanks go to the original 28! I wonder if anyone who was involved then could have imagined FIRST evolving to where it is today.

And kudos to you JVN for participating on 2 of the 7 remaining original teams!!


Only after it was easy… kudos to all those on team 20 and team 148 for keeping them going this long!

I joined the TechnoKats a dozen years after that first competition. It is both a great honor and a great responsibility to be part of one of the original teams. We have much history supporting and surrounding us. The only problem is that it is sometimes hard for me to avoid feeling constrained by how we have done things in the past.

My sincere gratitude goes out to every one of these teams who had the drive and took the risk to start this amazing program. Without you there would be no FIRST. Just the thought of that scares me to death! What would I do with myself during the six weeks of build season?!

I haven’t personally met or known any of the original 28 teams, but nevertheless, I salute those 28 teams and their students of the year 1991 who have first started rolling the tiny snowball Dean Kamen, Woodie Flowers and others in FIRST set in front of them, to which this ball has slowly but gradually turned through the years into a massive snowball of awesomeness, that even today still continues to roll, and anyone who gets caught in it is inspired and is given the means to succeed in achieving a life-time goal and the means to prepare them to be the leaders of the future that will better the world of the future.

It seems that some snowflakes from the original snowball have escaped the rolling snowball, but there remain 7 snowflakes at the core of that snowball, that bind all the other snowflakes in the massive snowball.

Congratulations to the orginal 28 and remaining 7! I wish I could have been around to see one of those first competitions.

Interesting how I take for granted attending a regional for the past 9 years that has 3-4 of the original teams and yet learn so much from their designs and team structure! :slight_smile:

i think it is quite interesting that the original team from Renton, Washington… Lindbergh High School
is actually reforming…They are Rookie team 3588.
We welcome back to the fold!!