Orlando Regional: On Demand

The Orlando Regional Planning Committee is pleased to announce the Orlando Regional: On Demand. Matches at the Orlando Regional will be edited and upload to the following YouTube Channel within 30 minutes of match play.

Thank you to Team 1604 and 1065 for providing the equipment and staff to support this effort.

Don’t forget to catch the live webcast of the RoboShow, Orlando

Thursday & Friday: 7:00
Saturday: 12:45

Can’t say that I like this trend since watching webcasts has become a great virtual bonding experience in FIRST.

Thank you for providing videos, though. In the end, I guess having videos instantly available is better than getting a webcast but no archived matches afterwards.

I don’t think webcasts are going away anytime soon. The NASA live feed is still available as well as another one I believe. Our system is just something to complement the live feeds and to archive matches instantly for viewing anywhere.

This will be awesome for us at competition and for later day scouting.

Ah, ok. Thanks for the clarification!

I’m looking forward to it still. It’s awesome that the regional committees are making an effort to provide videos.

will this be a full field view or the same stream as the live video (following different robots, etc.)?

Don’t forget to catch the live webcast of the RoboShow, Orlando
Thursday & Friday: 7:00pm EST
Saturday: 12:45pm EST after alliance selections

Thank you for posting a link to The RoboShow youtube channel.

The live broadcast will be held at The RoboShow: Orlando website at


We’ll have a set of six cameras mounted to the driver station on both sides that will show the drivers (expressions, reactions, etc.), and two camcorders mounted for a full field view with pan/tilt/zoom control from our control station. We’ll also be taking in the NASA output as an input. Our cameras will be available to RoboShow I believe, but probably not at the same times, as we’ll be independent on the output.

And Just to clarify a few things. There are basically three things going on here. NASA will be doing the Live webcast as they have done every year for the regional. This will be the standard webcast you see for most regionals. Then there is the Orlando Regional: On Demand, where they will be supplementing the NASA feed with other camera angles, editing matches and posting them within 30 minutes of each match for archival and replay purposes.
Then there is The RoboShow, where we are producing a sporting event-like level of coverage. There will be an approximately 15 minute (shorter or longer depending on materials each day) show produced thursday for “air” thursday night, another one for Friday, and then on Saturday we will be going Live just before eliminations to recap alliance selections and cover the eliminations, with on the field reporters, commentators in our booth, and packages that have been produced in the prior three days to run in between matches to give you complete coverage of the entire event.
All three projects are working together, pooling resources and helping each other out.
It’s quite an undertaking, and hopefully the results will show that.

That sounds amazing! Please document how it goes and what you use (regarding the “sports” show). This could help others do the same thing in the future.

Thank you Mr. Rudolph for the clarification.

Glad all parties are working together. Good luck to all.

Just a clarification to help understand who the target audiences are for the menu of internet veiwing options.

If you are interested in seeing replays of matches with additional camera angles: tune in to the Orlando Regional: On Demand youtube channel

If you want to see the matches live on Friday, and Saturday morning: tune in to the NASA Webcast

If you want to see the daily recap with highlights, statistics, etc on Thursday and Friday evening, tune in to the 7:00PM EST The Roboshow: Orlando

If you want to see the Eliminations live without additional features and the normal webcast, tune in to the NASA Webcast around 1:00pm EST Saturday

If you want to see the Eliminations live with commentary, match-by-match strategy, stories, videos of team cheers, interviews, and more, tune in to The Roboshow: Orlando at 12:45 EST Saturday

WOW! You’re really raising the bar for events. This is a great feature. The only thing better would be attending your fantastic event.

It will be nice for the scouts to have all this info so fast,BUT, i don’t think you need much more then what they did at Kettering district. That was the best camera angle that i have ever seen for a whole field shot. The only problem was not getting the score posted.

We were hoping to have a full field shot for the Orlando Regional but it just didn’t happen. It would be nice when there is action all around the field.

Also, I am pleased to announce that our YouTube page has reached over 10,000 total video views! Thanks for viewing our videos and I hope they’re as useful as I hope they are. Unfortunately, our Finals 3 video had an audio glitch in the beginning because the internal network was being taken down, and the audio files were being hosted on the network.


Throughout the regional I was taking notes of exciting things that happened in certain matches, and I am looking forward to going back and watching them. I’ve greatly missed the archiving service that SOAP 108 used to provide and am thrilled to be able to hop onto youtube later to relive some of the excitement of the Orlando Regional. Thanks for doing this.

Everyone I talked to loved this and it worked perfectly. I have told my friends back in Oklahoma to watch them so they can use the replays for an educational opportunity before the Oklahoma City regional at the end of the month.
Thanks especially to the teams that made it happen, but especially Phu and his students with the Moose team, and Harmony Mechhead Senior, Tyler Coleman and his team’s mentors, the Berkleys. Also our friends at Disney who helped. Great website too, Tyler.

Love to see high school students in FIRST developing their talents!
Please stay involved as a FIRST ALUMNI. FIRST needs you!