Orlando Regional Transport Help

Howdy folks!

I’m Robbio, participated with FIRST for 5 years, 3 on Team 108 and 2 as a volunteer. Last year I skipped the competition, but I’m back this year as an Autodesk Volunteer.

And I need some assistance.

You see, as a student of the arts, I have the disease Funzalow. I booked a flight into Orlando for tomorrow, Thursday March 11 without considering how I’d get to the hotel.

And so, if anyone at the Orlando regional would be kind enough to give this goofball a ride to the UCF arena, 'twould be much appreciated.

PS: For anyone tracking my progress last year, I made it 400 miles on my bicycle, from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to Jacksonville, Florida, at which point I switched to a greyhound bus to make the full trip to Chicago. Go Cubbies.