OSC Library?

I’m currently working on a practice bot that has 6 wheels. I was wondering if anyone knows of an OSC Library compatible with the cRIO. And if there is one compatible, is there away of having something like my iPhone communicate directly with the cRIO over WiFi without having a middle man program on my laptop?

What do you mean by OSC? Googling turns up “Open Sound Control”, but I’m not sure what that would be used for on a practice bot.

No. Nope. Impossible. :o

I’m also not that familiar with OSC, but I do know you should be able to write software to communicate from an iPhone to the cRIO over WiFi via TCP or UDP. A quick search here on the forums should give you some more information on the network code for the cRIO, and Apple has plenty of resources on the iOS side of things such as this article.

I’m going to venture a guess and assume you’re trying to control a robot from an iOS device? If you’re willing to use LabVIEW, I found this article from NI on how to use the NI OSC library for LabVIEW and the TouchOSC iPhone app to control a NI RIO device: https://decibel.ni.com/content/docs/DOC-20651. Not sure if it’s applicable to FRC though.

It was just for a practice bot, not for a comp bot. I was looking into OSC only because I thought it would be an ideal method of control for a little 6-wheeled practice bot. Also, my whole team uses C++, and Labview seems like it has it’s own limitations. I was able to use OSC to control an Arduino robot arm last year for Science Olympiad, I was just wondering if the OSC C++ libraries are compatible with the cRIO.

You might want to look into this library: http://www.rossbencina.com/code/oscpack

There isn’t a binary library prebuilt for VxWorks (the cRIO’s OS), but it looks like you should be able to incorporate the source into your project with some modifications. It already has separate network code for Windows/Unix platforms, so in theory all you’ll need to do is write the network code for VxWorks, and the rest should just work.