Oscilloscope recommendation?

I have a PicoScope 2204 that I like. Google it.
If you get one, make sure you get 15% off at Newark.

Tektronix is the ‘gold-standard’ for oscilloscopes from my short-lived career so far. NASA SSC uses them, my University uses them, and I know of a few businesses that use them as well.

Agilent, another well known electronics company, produces them too. However, I do not recommend their oscilloscopes based on the experience I’ve had with the ones in our senior design lab. They do not have a very responsive UI, which drives me insane when moving the waveforms. Do they work? Yes. I just don’t like the UI responsiveness of the ones we have (I can’t remember the exact model). Agilent makes great bench multimeters, and they are the ‘gold-standard’ for function generators, just not oscilloscopes.

For a cheap, new oscilloscope, I would recommend the Quant Asylum QA100 USB Oscilloscope. We also have those in our senior design lab. They work pretty well, and the software works much the same as a normal oscilloscope. They run $350, which is cheap for an oscilloscope, but they do have some restrictions, so check to make sure they’ll work for your application. http://www.quantasylum.com/content/Products/QA100.aspx

I have the same one! It was given to me by my fiancée which was given to her by a good friend, who is now my friend. Not the newest of technology, but still works quite well! My only gripe is that it’s huge compared to the LCD oscilloscopes of today, and I have to do some guesswork to figure out the frequency and amplitude rather than having the oscilloscope do it for me. It does provide a great learning experience though.