OSUFIRST Robotics (ohio state)

For one reason or another, it has taken a while to post our program here…
Consider this a brief abstract of FIRST at Ohio State University.

OSUFIRST Robotics is the Student Organization at The Ohio State University that manages/mentors local teams in both FRC and FLL, that has been around since January 1996. We started with 5-10 students and only 1 FRC team, and currently have approximately 80 OSU students, 3 FRC teams, and 4 FLL teams. The FRC teams that we currently sponsor are 677, 1014, and 1317.

If you are interested in learning more about OSUFIRST Robotics
please email me (current organization lead): wgcloyes@yahoo.com
or see our website: www.osufirst.org

Hi OSUFIRST Robotics. I am the coach of Team 2387, Columbus Alternative High School, Columbus, Ohio. The following is what I posted here. Please, see if you can be of any help: I am glad to announce a FIRST post season event to be held on Aug. 1-2, 2008 in Columbus, Ohio. Do not be satisfied with one or two regional events. Come compete with the world’s best in 2008 OverDrive Game AGAIN at NO cost. Workshop on the integration of Pro/ENGINEER and Windchill in FIRST robotics will be offered in conjunction with the game by Battelle Memorial Institute engineers.
The game will be held on the same weekend that the state of Ohio host the Ohio State Fair. The location of the game site is less than a mile from the state fair. Compete during the day and enjoy the evenings at the state fair for a lot of food and plenty of fun.
To register for the free competition, log on to: www.worldroboticsinvitational.org