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I’m just curious. What are some other forums that you lovely CD folks inhabit? 5 golden manbabies to any goons here.

edit: also if you would please put in a link to the forum

I spend some time on the AnandTech forums, but not nearly as much as here.

I used to have an account on linuxnewbie, but I don’t remember my l/p anymore.

Olympus Talk Forum for digital photography, I post under my real name.
DC Metro Geeks Not a really active message board though we do occasionally meet up at local pubs and restaurants.
The Phlog This is not always a nice place. It is unmoderated. It sometimes gets ugly. I post under the handle Haven there.
Decades Messageboard International site dedicated to discussions about the different decades. I’m MissInformation there (got tired of too many different handles)

I also sometimes post on SlashDot and a couple of other geek forums as well as some forums for writing. What can I say, I’m starved for intelligent conversation and witty bantering.


There was no superglue incident, it did not happen.

I have some goon friends, but I’m not one, sadly.

I used to hang out on the CS OTF, back in the day, when I was into Counter-Strike.

This is the only real message board which I frequent, nowadays.

CD + Tigerbolt = enough for me.

www.feds201.com - the Team #201 Forum, home of FBI
forums.clan-dg.net - forums for my Natural Selection clan

A good forum. I want to see the highest-number-of-people-at-one-time above 19.


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**CD + Tigerbolt = enough for me. **

Yeah, what he said.

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Chiefdelphi, Linuxnewbie.org, Userfriendly.org, and I read Slashdot and Ars Technica. :smiley:


some nice real trucks there!

Some forums I frequent:

http://www.ajquick.com/forums/ - My Forum.
http://www.ghostbusters.net/ - Moderator
http://pub23.ezboard.com/bpropreplicas - Moderator
http://www.phpbbhacks.com/forums/ - Support Team Member

Ofcourse CD as well, but I also check out about 10 other forums every few days too.

CountryLife.net’s Baking and Cookery forum. Good place to meet other bread bakers, and trade tips.

I go to lots of forums.
My favorite is Rotten Tomatoes

I also frequent @forums](http://www.atforumz.com/)

I go to a football forum

I go to Syracuse.com for my local news fix (mostly high school sport). The Rochester D&C has a terrible forum plus I can’t apply to it anyways.

And thanks to this place I go to CG forums even though it shuts down when it get over 200 people visiting.:rolleyes:

I guess you can say I’m addicted.