Other Program Team Numbers

It appears that in the migration all team numbers got ported over, but not the type of competition they went with, for example, there have been a few members who I know have had FTC team numbers in the past which now link to an unrelated FRC team on the blue alliance. For example, @Loose_Screw is on FTC team 5237 The Loose Screws, not FRC team 5237 Bears.

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Hey good catch, I never would have noticed that!


Hrrrmm, yeah.

I guess we should probably create team number fields for FRC, FTC, VRC, etc., and only show them if they have a value set.


In that case keeping with the theme a plug-in could probably be created to link FTC numbers to The Orange Alliance


In preparation for this plugin, I have just added additional fields for FTC and VRC.