Other uses for robots

i’ve been discussing with teachers from other departments for a little while…
what kind of uses could you get out of an older robot?
are there any fundraising of teaching possibilities out there for old robots?

We took some new stuff and parts off older robots to build a machine you can see in the 1st video on this page here

It is educational. It is a teaching moment. And it definitely attracts cash.


Hands-on demos.
Mobile t-shirt cannon.
Pre-season driver practice.
Defense practice.
Technology testbed.

yeah. ive been approached by the driver education department to see if we could create a sort of driving experience for the students. and using the lunacy robot for fundraising ideas

since we need to rip the controls out of the 2009 robot and will do so tomorrow we plan on making it into a planter…

Please make sure it is safe for the environment.

By driver practice he meant for the team’s robot drivers, not automobile drivers. I don’t really feel that driving a remote controlled vehicle quite translates into the same experience as driving a car.

… unless you are seated on the robot :wink:

1058 did that a few years back, with a wheelie bar too :ahh: … it might still be in service

Dan, that thing was fun! One of the first times driving in was with the cheerleaders during practice. I don’t know if it is still in service though.:rolleyes:

Our team has taken apart a couple of robots (2005 and 2007). We recently went through and have brought all other robots to operational status (2006 and 2008 robots). After getting them to work, we created directions for operating them and then put them into the coaches garage attic until they are used again. Our idea was sort of archiving them so we know that what we put up there works and if students in the future bring them down to use them for demos or any other reason, directions will be there as over the years few members know how to operate them.

Keeping old robots is definitely a good idea. Demos for sponsors and recruiting are nice and the fact that prototyping in some games gets some what easier when you already have a robot that plays a similar game.

Didn’t some team donate their robot to a city to use for sewer inspections? I thought some of the bots over the years would be great at sidewalk/parking lot sweeping.

If you’re sitting on it, would it still qualify as “remote controlled?” :wink:

Lunacy shooter robots make pretty awesome dodgeball players… :smiley:

So do Aim High robots, if they’re still around. Just have to tweak the angle a bit and it’s a head (or body) shot every time.

Said robots also make great entertainment. Load 'em up, then have everyone stand back. Let fly!

Since the controls sat on your lap and weren’t attached to the robot (last time I saw … they may have tethered it now), I’d say it counts as remote controlled.

Of course, I’m biased

yeah… no. we actually wanted to put a live video feed on it and make it go through a course, so :stuck_out_tongue:

are there any fundraising of teaching possibilities out there for old robots?

Each spring and fall we do a Pasta Feed with a live cake auction as a fundraiser. If someone bids $100+ for a cake we have the robot deliver it to them at their table.

We also do candy bar sales outside of grocery stores and we take the robot with us. It helps draw people towards us and we get to help spread FIRST.

We’ve put old robots on display at the local Farmer’s markets, to supplement the sale of Artbots or Hexbugs, etc. The robots make for good conversation pieces (forces the students to develop their sales, marketing, and demonstration skills), and they receive community service hours for their time spent.

Old robots make great props, even if they don’t necessarily work any more. When we have our launch meeting at the beginning of each year, we have several of our old robots present (two, at the least). Even though they’ve been cannibalized for parts (such as surgical tubing and Victors, and old controls items for use on test chassis’), they still look really cool. 1189 is participating in our city’s Santa parade on Friday, and we have our 2008 robot on our “float” along with our Lunacy bot.

We also always keep one in a working condition to do driver trials during build season, since our robots never seem to be done in time to test them out properly :confused:

Realistically you should use them for demo’s to sponsors and general funraising/PR etc :slight_smile:

Humorously i think you could use them as pieces of designer furniture, how about using the robot from triple play as a luxury coat hanger :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey! I had that idea today when looking at pictures of 118’s Chainzilla… just have it swerve around tables at high speeds at some fancy party to take coats from people and potential sponsors… :slight_smile: