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**Hello friends,

I need some answers:

1 ° How many pins are in the serial port of Operator Controller Unit?

2 ° There are limits to the size of the robot controller?

3 ° We can make a driver of robbery and adapt to the doors of the Operator Controller Unit?

4 ° How many pins have the DB-15?

5 ° We can replace the Joystick for other controler?

Who knows, tell me more about that.


I’m going to try to answer your questions as best I can.

  1. If you’re talking about the Dashboard port for connecting to a computer to read out, or the radio port, it is a standard 9 pin serial port. The name for these connectors is a DB-9.

  2. The robot controller is given to teams by FIRST, so I assume you mean the code storage size. There is a limit, but on the current controllers, unless your code is very complex it shouldn’t be a problem.

  3. I think the English translation on this one is a little broken, but I think you’re asking if you can make an adapter to plug into the ports on the OI. You can plug in standard toggle switches and the like, but you cannot use anything that requires its own battery, except the USB-CHICKLET, which you can order from IFI.

  4. DB-15 connectors have 15 pins. There are 5 of them on the OI, 4 for joysticks, and one for the competition port. They are the same as the ‘game’ or ‘joystick’ port on an older computer.

  5. Absolutely. You can use any joystick, steering wheel, or any other device you can plug into the OI, as long as it doesn’t need its own battery.

Hope I helped.

Yeah that is what I wanted to know …

How can adapt such a control, plug in the Playstation joystick.

DB15 has 15pinos?

Can I explain? We will mount another controller of the robot, similar to a computer keyboard.

Note: sorry for my poor english. I am Brazilian

I think in question 3 you are asking if you can make an adapter for your operator interface. For your driver in the joy stick port. Though I do not know the answer I hope that that clarifies it for someone else who does.

Ok, you posted a new post while I was typing my last post. In responce you will need to go to IFI Robotics’ site and buy a thing called a chicklet. This will alllow you to convert from USB to gameport.

But eventually our budget of money and do not have time! We train! We will have to do something now.

Remember we are Brazilians! :]

You speak english far better than I speak your langauge :]

Thanks, but still lack much to be equals you

More people to give more informations?

I need to know if there are limits on size of this control? And how can adjust the control to the door of OI.

Serial port db15 has only 15 pins?

the max size of the contoller you can have is

<R101> The OPERATOR CONSOLE designed by the team must fit on the 60” wide by 12” deep
shelf in the Alliance Station (excluding any items that are held or worn by the DRIVERS
during the MATCH).

Nothing says you can’t take the USB port off and wire the sensors inside whatever you want to use to the appropriate connector yourself. (Other than time…)

I need to know what each of the pin serial port db15 of OI. Who can answer about this question,'ll be grateful.

Summarizing need to know the configurations of pins to adjust the control … What is the pin 1,2,3 …

This is from the Operator Interface reference guide at http://www.ifirobotics.com/oi.shtml.

Pin 1: +5 Volts
Pin 2: Joystick Trigger Switch
Pin 3: X-Axis
Pin 4: Ground
Pin 5: Robot Feedback LED Driver
Pin 6: Y Axis
Pin 7: Joystick Thumb Switch
Pin 8: Robot Feedback LED Driver
Pin 9: Robot Feedback LED Driver
Pin 10: Aux Switch 1
Pin 11: Aux Analog
Pin 12: Ground
Pin 13: Wheel
Pin 14: Aux Switch 2
Pin 15: Robot Feedback LED Driver

On ports 2 and 4, pins 5, 8, 9, and 15 imitate the trigger, thumb, aux 1, and aux 2 on ports 3 and 1 respectively.