Ottawa Canada FIRST Alumni

Hello everyone! I’m looking to start a FIRST alumni group at the University of Ottawa. We are looking to support the FIRST program in the community and to make new friends in the process. If you or someone you know would be interested in joining, please feel free to reach out! Ontario teams please share with any alumni you know that are currently attending UOttawa.


I don’t know any alumi out that way currently, but would love to see the FRC scene pick up again out in Ottawa! I was disappointed when the district event out that way was canceled it’s inaugural year due to Covid in 2020.


I’m going to UOttawa in the fall. I was the driver for team 4907 this past season, and might be interested in this.

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I will be making this reference til the day I die


That’s awesome! Welcome to UOttawa! You can reach out to me through by filling out their contact form. Just write that you are interested in the UOttawa Alumni group and I while let the manager of our website know to pass your contact info on to me. I look forward to hearing from you!

Check out CUFIRST! They are active across Ottawa

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Just an update, a few of us are forming a discord server for the UOttawa Alumni Group. Please feel free to reach out to our email if you’d like to join! [email protected]

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