Our Bag and Tag Part 3

our team has an extended bag and tag till this Sunday due to late kit of parts. Here is our update part 3.

Awesome video guys!! Great robot!! Good luck at your competitions!!

That’s really cool that you documented the whole season. We have that many McMaster bags too but some how we’ve never thought to just roll around in them before.

You are linking to the wrong video.

That’s unusual. How late were you in receiving your Kit of Parts, why’d it happen and what hardship did that cause?

:ahh: Oh I just noticed that here is the actual link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id_gfjWGvQE

Tim - I recommend including a link to the FRC blog post for all of your updates explaining the situation:


Not all was perfect everywhere, however, as we did have some teams who did not receive a significant element of the Kickoff Kit – either a complete Black Tote, Green Tote, or AndyMark Drive Base Kit - at their Kickoffs as they expected to. I’m very sorry for the problems this caused these teams. We’re working hard to get them their missing items and put corrective actions in place to reduce the chance of this happening again. In the meantime, as compensation, we will be extending the Stop Build Date for these teams. It’s very rare for us to do this, but in this unusual case it seems to be the right thing to do. If you are one of these teams, we will be contacting you individually with details on the extension.

Since there were so few teams that were affected (less than 50 world wide), most people aren’t aware of the situation or understand why you get extra time and they don’t. The blog post helps to clear that up for everyone.

Ah, somehow I missed that. It’s an interesting decision on FIRST’s part, especially when juxtaposed against what’s happened recently with TIMS and awards submission deadlines.