Our bag and tag weekend part 2

Due to receving our kit of parts late, we have an extended bag and tag.

Uh… Do you have clearance from FIRST HQ for extending your bag and tag window?

I’m not aware of any extensions to the bag and tag deadline that were available to teams this year. Historically speaking many teams (especially those in remote areas like Brazil) have not received their KOP on Kickoff Day, but still were required to stop building on Stop Build Day, after all, they’d had the full 6 weeks to design and think about the game, regardless of whether or not they had their KOP.

If you haven’t got something in writing from them already, I would strongly recommend contacting FIRST HQ immediately to try and work it out.


Not all was perfect everywhere, however, as we did have some teams who did not receive a significant element of the Kickoff Kit – either a complete Black Tote, Green Tote, or AndyMark Drive Base Kit - at their Kickoffs as they expected to. I’m very sorry for the problems this caused these teams. We’re working hard to get them their missing items and put corrective actions in place to reduce the chance of this happening again. In the meantime, as compensation, we will be extending the Stop Build Date for these teams. It’s very rare for us to do this, but in this unusual case it seems to be the right thing to do. If you are one of these teams, we will be contacting you individually with details on the extension.

LRI’s have a list of teams this applies to, and I can confirm team 2522 (the OP’s team) is on the list - there’s no need for them to contact FIRST, both the team and FIRST are well aware of the requirements for the team.

So my question is, why was that done in this case when it wasn’t done before? I support giving the extensions, but receiving a single tote a couple days late is a pretty minor setback compared to some international teams that have reported receiving their kits weeks late, with enough obstacles in place already.

Might be a good discussion for another thread.

Probably something to do with it being FIRST’s fault over the mail’s

I knew I remembered reading something and went to the blog to check before posting that and didn’t see it. Oops.