Our Camera doesn't Detect

Our 2007 Controller was broken so we are using 2006 micro-controller. I downloaded Kevin 2007 Camera code in 2006 controller. I attached Pan - pwm -01 and Tilt - 02. I connected the camera on a TTL and attached it with to a camera with using pwm cable. Than i connect a pwm cable to power camera on pwm pin 3. However, the camera doesn’t turn on [No green light]. I take the pwm cable out of pin 3 and put it on analog 1 and the green light turns on :slight_smile:

Now the camera shows “Searching” on terminal window. However, the pan and tilt servo’s don’t move. Can someone please tell me what mistake we might be making.

One thing I would look for is the jumper on the camera. If you go here and scroll down to page 5 of section 2, there is a picture of the board. You will notice a section on the left called “Servo Power Source”. You will notice that a jumper is usually closed on the internal power source, while the external is not. Try moving the jumper to the external power source and see if that helps.

The symptoms are clear and specific: you have no power on the 7.2v pin on the pwm connector. Is your backup battery charged and connected? That’s where the servo (and camera) power comes from.

Yes definetly our backup batter is fully charged. However its just not moving the servos which I find annoying.