Our Controller Board

Here some pictures of our controller board. We are adding LEDs and some fans.




very cool, good job

Sweet. Do the sticks go on top of the “caution tape”?

Yea, we gonna cut square holes then insert some fans and LEDs , then the Flight Sticks on on top.

Awesome job! Looks like wood. And how’d you get the stripes painted?

i love the caution lines, howed you do the writing? someone is very talanted, nice work

Probably painted it black first, then put painters tape on it, sprayed it yellow, took the tape off

Awesome job!:yikes:

Yep, thats what we did.

love the goat sucker touch
on the spanish note: putting “cuidado” on either side of the controller would be cool.

Why are you inserting fans into your operator interface??

I could say this question is some what related to the topic (Becuase if the answer is no, we’re gonna’ use the LEDs on the OI):

Can we put leds (that will give notifications about statuses in the robot (like the RC outputs on the OI)) on the robot?

Well The Fans are more for the driver, to keep his hands from getting to sweaty.

looks real cool guys , im diggin the chupa referance
Who wouldent be afraid of a wierd lookign little dog that suck teh blood of a goat?