Our copy of labview was stolen, how can we get it again?

After the 2012 FRC LA regionals, the team took a 2 week break. in those two weeks, someone with access to the classroom went through all our stuff and took labview. :mad: ( along with a few other supplies ) :mad: The problem is that now we cant install labview on any other computers. the only computer with labview now is the classmate. is there any way to get another copy of LabView?

You can either wait until you get the kit for the 2013 season - it should be included, or you can send a PM to Quix (who helped me out in this thread) and ask if he still has a copy uploaded. If I recall correctly, it was an image of the NI flashdrive, so you’d need some software to mount it. I used Magic ISO.

Thanks! I already have power ISO. someone by the name of rsisk ended up sending me a message that he will upload a copy. I also asked Quix for the links, but he (or she) hasn’t replied yet.