Our Falcon 500's does not work

Hello everyone, I am a member of the Team 6459. Beginning of the year we pre-ordered 10 new Falcon 500’s for our drive and subsystems. As we first checked, 9 of our Falcon’s were working good enough and while the other TalonFX motor controller light was blinking, the motor was broken.
A day later we were test driving with our new drive then suddenly, the motor which was working on our drive stopped working like the other broken Falcon 500. Can you guys please tell me some solutions? Is there anyone who has the same problem?

You will need to send more detail:
What colors are they blinking ?
Post your code.
What do you mean by “working good enough?”.Was something not working ?

First thing to check is the motor status using the Phoenix tuner. Make sure they are all visible on the CAN bus. If not you have either a CAN wiring issue or you might have multiple motors with the same ID.

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Also, make sure you have updated the firmware using the Phoenix tuner.

With the ID’s I think they come with a default ID of 0. I would set the ID’s to something other than that. We just start numbering at 1.

Everything is OK about colors, and everything was working so good before the problem. All I’m doing is to test the motor by giving simple PWM Signals. I checked Phoenix Tuner and the motor is visible on the CAN bus. I am sure that there is nothing wrong with CAN wiring.

I tried but it didn’t work.

When I give PWM Signals the motor controllers color becomes green, but nothing changes with robot voltage wihch you can se in driver station.

First, are you using CAN or PWM? They’re different connections and require different software.

You mentioned it was working. Has anything changed? How hard are you working the motors?

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