our Head Mentor is going bye bye :(

Next year out Head mentor who started our team 3 seasons ago will be be moving on to do other things in life… as we all do… I, being only a freshmen in college and a 3rd yr team member, have the opportunity to lead the team. I think this a great idea with the help of our other mentors to lead as well, but i don’t know how it will turn out… our there any tips/ tricks of the trade that you awsome people of FIRST have?! Next year I’m hoping to improve out team spirit, because it seems the only time out team smiles is when theyre flirting, just won a match, or is laughing at some1… (no team spirit, but thats exactly how our school is) What do you guys think?!

Re: Tips/Tricks
I would suggest writing down a list of what worked and what needed to change this season in regard to how the team operated. I would do this now since it is still fresh in everyone’s mind and you still have the opportunity to talk to the head mentor for his thoughts on the matter.

Re: Team Spirit
Has the team done anything outside of FIRST as a group? If not, try to schedule a movie screening, paintballing, etc. on a regular basis next year.


Over the past 3 years my team has had 3 mentors. Our first 2 didnt realize what it ook so they backed down after a year. When out last mentor resigned he took all his information and knowlege with him. He was not helpfull with making a smooth transition so as a result our 3rd year was more like our rookie year. :frowning: I would suggest talking with your current mentor and see if he is willing to help you make a smooth transition. Introducing you to contacts and helping you understand how things work will be crucial.