Our intake Redline motor is too hot, is there anyway to solve this?

After a while, our intake Redline motor is too hot, the tape around it melt, is there anyway to solve this?

Thank you!

Can you post a picture of how you have it integrated into your robot? That will help.

But make sure the front face vent holes at least have some method of moving air through the motor. If you block those vents, your motor isn’t getting much air to cool itself.

Something as simple as a spacer will solve that problem, here’s an example: https://www.andymark.com/products/775-vent-plate-spacer


What gear ratio are you using? What wheel size/type?

I’ll also say that pictures will be helpful for diagnosing and solving this problem.

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Also when you intake are you stopping the intake immediately after collecting the game piece, or is it stalling momentarily until the driver can tell the piece has been collected, even momentary stalling will cause the motors to heat up very rapidly

Also, how long is “a while”? Three minutes is one thing, fifteen (6x the length of a match) is probably outside the design envelope. It might be time to take a break and put a fan on it to bring things back to ambient.

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Thank you! We will try this spacer.

That spacer isn’t a magic bullet solution to overheating motors. While air flow can certainly assist with keeping fan-cool motors at a reasonable temperature, if you have overheating motors there is likely a more significant root cause than just blocking the output vents. Please provide some more details regarding your set-up so we can help determine the reason why.

Thank you all for the reply!

We build the robot based on the Robonauts’ 2019 Everybot exactly.

Not a shot at you, but even the top teams in FIRST that build ostensibly identical practice robots often have to tune some things for each one to get them behaving well due to minor assembly variations. Pics are best. :slight_smile:

Just put a bag of ice around it. Usually does the trick

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without more info on what you are doing I will just take some shots in the dark.
You may be forcing the motor to stall which will cause a lot of heat you may be able to employ a sensor to prevent excess stalling. Also FRC matches are only 2:30. I know from practicing back to back for long amounts of time could show excessive heat on certain mechanisms.

Has your team contacted some local teams to have them visit with you yet? Based on the types of questions you and other team members are asking, there are likely problems you have that you do not know you have. You are likely to have some unpleasant surprises later if you don’t deal with them before you go to competition.


This is a great idea. I know my first year nothing worked as intended

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