Our Lady Peace

What do you guys think about them? I got the CD this past week and I think it’s great - let me know! :smiley:

  • Katie

Officially good stuff, in my book.


I’m assuming you just bought the new CD. All their songs are great, but I suggest to everyone that they listen to Our Lady Peace’s CD titled Clumsy. Raine Maida = so very, very cool. :wink:

I’m wondering where everyone has heard about OLP since they don’t get much play on MTV/radio. I live in canton michigan and hear their stuff on 89X ( a detroit/canadian radio station that also plays sloan :)). I’ve liked em since i heard 1 man army. Where do you all live and where do you hear it?

I live in Wisconsin and I had heard the song “Somewhere Out There” on the radio, but our radio stations suck at telling us who the artist is of a song… so I saw a commercial with OLP on it when I was in Arizona, advertising their new CD and that’s where I bought it… Yeah. :slight_smile:

  • Katie

i remember when they were on the radio way back in 6th or 7th grade with ‘Starseed’ … good stuff.

Much Music. It’s a Canadian TV station I just happen to get here. Canadian music is really great stuff! Our Lady Peace, Bif Naked, and Matthew Good Band. Aw yeah…

OLP gets played all the time out here on the Alternative Rock station in Indianapolis…yeah its fairly popular out here

Anyone ever hear of 3rd Strike? they were in indy the other week with incubus, and hoobastank…i didnt get a chance to go but I decided to get the CD and I think its great.

Track 11 is a remake of Paranoid…the dude sounds very similar to Ozzy… so there is another plus

I knew it! scroll back a page of posts, we had this discussion b4! ha! but seriously OLP’s great and being in Canada I get to hear tons of Canadian content, it’s like 25% or something-can’t remember off hand. But yea… I’ve alwayz loved OLP, great band… and dont get me started on Bif Naked she’s awesome!
hugz to all as alwayz
Ann-Marie -team 783

i hadn’t heard of them until i read this yesterday.

then they were on conan o’brien last night.

they are good. where is the lead singer from. he had an odd accent.

canada, i thought.

yeah, OLP is a Canadian band.

Our Lady Peace + Summerfest = An Awesome 4th of July Night

I love Milwaukee :smiley:

Sure, sure, rub it in a little more, why don’t you?! :smiley: Too bad I had to work that night - otherwise I would have been there!! Gah … stupid work schedules… :wink:

  • Katie