Our lifting robot

Things keep progressing. Here is a video of our robot lifting from the side and then 300 pounds hanging on it.

It can also lift from the front of the platform.

thats is a sweet design:cool:

Very nice.

I’d like to see it in Atlanta :smiley:

Well done, you overcame some of the issues that turned me off of this design approach. I hope you manage to pull of a 2-suspended robot hang at some point during the season, I’d love to see that!

I really like the design - but noticed that the alignment of the hooks and the distance from the structure to the bar - noting that the alignment is fixed with respect to the robot structure - I’m wondering if there is enough range and the proper angle to catch the bar when bumpers are mounted?

Good Question,

The version you see now does have the ability to work when the bumpers are attached. An earlier attempt had to be modified to accommodate the bumpers. Good catch.

Wow, your 'bot would be perfect for ours to hang off of! I love it.


I’d happier if someone going to the Wisconsin or 10,000 Lakes regionals said that. :cool:

Haha, fair enough. Though it gives me hope that maybe one or two other teams have similar hanging methods.

Good luck!

Which part is designed for other teams to grab onto?

Also, do you plan on being able to lift 300 pounds up with you, or just support 300 pounds once you’re up there?

If you look at the both ends of the robot you will see a ladder type apparatus. There are 3 rungs that other robots can choose from.

For now, Support 300 pounds once we are up. A lot more testing and tweaking before we can make any other guarantees.

It might be a good idea to sleeve those and make the 1.5" round in case teams depend on that shape. Also, what about the teams that plan on grabbing the vertical pipe?


Can you have a robot hang on one side but not on the other? In other words, will you torque too much if all the weight is placed on one side of your bot and cause one of your hooks to be detached?

I like the 1.5" round idea. If we can work around the extra weight I think we’ll try that. Thanks for the idea. We were not expecting to see many vertical climbers. I hope we are right. (again, a very good observation)

Thanks :smiley:

Extensive testing showed that we can have a robot hang on just one side or both. Our vertical supports in conjunction with the tower keeps it stable. We even tried hanging the robot with just one hook and it was stable. I wouldn’t try hanging with another robot on it and one hook though.

It looks great. Good luck to you guys. :slight_smile:


Robots are just awesome. let he who agrees say “Aye.”