Our mid-season progress


slow clap
Good show mate, good show.
See you at Einstein.

I’m quite impressed that this early in the build season, your robot can already pick up and stack totes and bins, as well as grab pool noodles! Your “two-arm” grabbing mechanism is really great, and I love the way your robot moves around… it seems to be capable of turning like it has omni wheels, but at the same time, it probably has some pretty good torque to it.

If I may make some suggestions, I don’t see that signal light working; you’ll need to fix that to be ready for competition. In addition, covering your robot’s two cameras partially with electrical tape will make it more difficult for it to properly sense totes and recycling bins. Finally, I think that you may need a little more driver practice to make sure that the robot doesn’t knock over stacks of totes.

Other than that, though, this is very nice work! Congratulations on your build so far, and I look forwards to (maybe) seeing you at Nationals!

The above post was being facetious, to those who hadn’t caught on. <–This has been a message from the International Capitan-Obvious Association [ICOA].

(Obligatory comment about not eating the noodles)

Our team did the same thing in a way. We had one person to be the robot to see if it was possible for us as a human to do the autonomous we had planned. The idea of it was; if the human player can’t do it within the time limit, the robot wouldn’t be able to. Therefore we wen’t through all of our autonomous program ideas to see if they would work so we don’t spend time on programming an autonomous that doesn’t work.