Our minicims turn fast one way and slow as molasses the other!

We have a lift driven by a mini CIM with a 48:1 Cim sport gearbox on it,

we are using java timed robot

when you give the victorspx wired to the motor it goes .5 speed in the code,
it moves at .5,

but when you go -.5 it moves super slow and nothing we do seems to fix it HELP

Is .5 making it go up or down?

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Check Voltage Output of the VictorSPX with a Multi meter… Should be around 6 Volts one way and -6 Volts the other. If that checks out - nothing wrong with code. Possible issue with gear box?

Iv’e had this problem before. It was mostly a bad talon (talon SRXs in our case) so it is probably a bad victor. Try swapping it out with a different one and see what that does

That could also be a miscalibrated motor controller. The calibration restore at the bottom of this graphic is what you’re probably looking for.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions! We found out last night that it was a coding issue where we were giving it a value if pressed and a 0 value if not pressed, but did it twice for another button. So it would see one button giving value but the other function would give a 0 and it messed with the victorspxs functions

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