Our nerdy Governor just mentioned FRC Worlds in his State of the State

So we got that going for us.

Paraphrasing since i was in the car, but something like

And this spring the world championships for high school robotics are in Detroit which is like a Rock Concert for Nerds like me. I love it you all should make it point to go!

Gov. Rick Synder 1/23/2018

That’s so cool. I remember our team as a rookie during stronghold and he signed our robot. It was the coolest thing ever. Great that he is publicly showing his support for FRC and FIRST.

The Governor is awesome in terms of FIRST support.

At the FTC state championship in 2015, he was there. I wish I was the one to tell him to put on safety glasses :smiley:

I heard that speech while listening to AM radio driving back to Philly from MD in the car tonight; it was solid. Great to see FIRST getting some attention from government; it wasn’t the only time in his speech he mentioned FIRST, too.

And I just noticed his “Contact the Governor” button on his office’s homepage is a photo from the MSC 2017 (Ford division) with some of the 1481 Riveter girls and the Team 66 Grizzly.

This may be a little off topic, but since Rick Snyder isn’t running for re-election, are there any candidates that have also shown support for FIRST in Michigan?

I met the Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley at FTC state this past year. Personally, that’s the only other candidate I have found so far.

I still have a picture of our team with the governor in our pit at the 2015 state championship. It’s really awesome how much he participates in FIRST.

Thanks for mentioning this. The Riveters are happy to see it!