Our Pressure Switch Sizucks (<--Sucks)

All right everyone, our team is pretty new and we’re having a few problems with our pneumatics. We’ve got everything set up perfectly. Our tanks max out at 120 and our regulators read 60, so everything is working fine. The only problem is our pressure switch won’t activate. We let the tanks get to between 120 and 130, but nothing happens.

The Pressure switch is connected to a regular 25 port cable, using pins 2 and 6, which are connected to the C and NC connections on the switch, but it’s yet to work. We’ve even switched pins 2 and 6 on the NC and C connectors as well as switched the cable from the Digital Input to the Analog Input, but it doesn’t work for either.

I was wondering if any of you could lend us any help with this problem. Thanks a lot.


How do you know that the pressure switch is not switching?

You must program the robot to use the pressure switch. If you have not done this, then it will not turn off the pump. If you have programed, it, use debug statements to see if the switch is not switching, or your program is wrong. You can also use a multimiter to make sure the switch is opening when it gets to full pressure.

If you have not programmed it, there are several other threads that talk about programming it.

look in the whitepapers :slight_smile:

there’s one in there that tells you exactly what to do, how to hook it up, and how to program it.