Our Radio is not able to connect

Hi all,
Our radio is having issues connecting to other things (Limelight and RoboRIO). We have an OM5P -AN. We’ve been able to connect to either the RoboRIO or the LimeLight at one time. We believe that the middle POE port is the one is the only one that is transferring data because when we put the limelight cable in it, we were able to connect to Limelight and not the RoboRIO and vice versa. From there we decided to do basic troubleshooting to reconfigure the radio. When we went to configure the radio it gave us “Bridge Error: Are you sure that you are using the .exe instead of the .jar. Try using a switch. Reset the bridge and try again” Does anyone have any advice that might help?

Thank you

It’s possible the other port is dead. Do you get link/activity lights when plugging a device into both ports? For example, connect a cable between a computer and one port on the radio. At the very least, a link light (usually top-left of the port. Only on the laptop side since the radio doesn’t have it) should turn on. If it does, try the other port and look for the same behavior.

Thank you for the quick reply! Yes that is our assumption as well @Fletch1373 . However, we are not sure if all of the ports are meant to do POE plus transfer data between all of the thing connected to it(Limelight and the RoboRIO for example). Assume that we are holding the radio with the amber light on the left, the 3rd light never stays solid and it blinks and maybe for a few second it stays solid but then goes back to blinking. Also, I had a quick question Fletcher, assume that our port is dead then who would we have to contact to get a replacement or would we just have to buy another radio.

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