Our robot can dance! What does yours do?

hahaha Good times today. Team 1989 having some fun.

Check it out here http://youtube.com/watch?v=TBshRy4xf-I

I also hope you all have a successful season!

ours had an afternoon of going mad before the programming god(mentor) discovered the error in programming :] youtube is blocked here so i can’t see the video :frowning: but i can imagine the awesomeness

its on our website too

Thats awesome! Around and around it goes where
it stops nobody knows! Wheee!

ahh, yes, it is a beautiful thing to behold:) do you plan on naming the dance, or will you attempt to prevent it from happening? because it is either really funny, or really scary

That’s going to be our victory dance after a win. hahaha
We like it!

very nice. hope you have fun with that:]

Thats SOO COOL… you guys should do that in the hybrid mode once. After going around the field in 10 sec, u will have 5 sec to dance :smiley:

Awesome, our robot could dance last year but not as extreme as that.
Nice tags, btw :smiley:

Been there:p We actually went as far as to do it in auton.:yikes:
The announcers dubbed it “the distracting autonomous dance”

the first part of this video shows it.

ours tips to ~60* (robot fully extended with trackball) before tipping over… so we could theoretically do this.