Our robot did something unique(?) at the New England Championship

Video here: http://youtu.be/X-IgM9Dp7-A, watch the part after our alliance partner falls over.

Unfortunately, that match did not go well for us overall – but at least we got the loudest applause of the day.

The same thing happened in Finals 2 with 1100:

Unfortunately, 1100’s battery fell out afterward, so they got disabled.

4491 did the same with 4594 at the Montreal regional :smiley:

it was amazing to watch too

When I got home from NECMP, this was one of the first things that my mom commented on. She had been watching the stream from home and said that it was one of the most touching displays of teamwork she’d seen in all the time that I have been involved with FIRST (and dragged her with me). The match score really did not reflect the quality of play in that match. Congratulations on your fantastic performance and on Chairman’s as well!

The true mark of teamwork. It was a pleasure playing with you. It’s too bad we couldn’t have shown the potential we demonstrated in our second match in the first. But it wasn’t to be.

My daughter remarked this morning what an amazing alliance of teams this was both on and off the field. Three district event Chairman’s winners, two which went on to win at the District Championship, and the third was the recipient of the District Championship Entrepreneurship Award. It was a real treat to be allianced with such class acts on field and off.

Good luck in St. Louis!

I’ve seen it at least twice in FiM events where I reffed this year.

I was game announcing during that match. I was sharing the duties with two others and I can tell you that Peter and James were both jealous it came up in my rotation. That was the best match I have seen in the past 5 years without a doubt. I ran over right after the match to give the drive team high fives and let them know how great it was.

Every team member should be proud of what you did and how the match went. I can’t recall any match in the semis, but that match is vivid and I have shown it to about 50 people so far. Keep up the good work. Most people in attendance will forget award recipients, who came in second place, or even the district champs. But that coupon of time will be a fond memory to every single one in the room. Thanks for putting on a great show!

That happened in one of my team’s matches at Lake Superior Regional. It was awesome. We ended up getting 65 points that match because while one robot was helping the other up, we got coopertition and later capped a stack by the robot that fell over. 65 doesn’t seem like a very high score, but at Lake Superior it actually was because it was a week one event and people didn’t really have practice and strategy. It was awesome! I believe it was the Knightkrawlers that fell over helped up by 12 Pretty Duckies, but don’t quote me on that.

We lifted a robot at FIM Traverse City as well!

I think this rare case of robot-to-robot interaction demonstrates how exciting it can be. I’ve really missed that element this year and I think it’s one of the reasons why a lot of people find this game so boring.

Cory –

I left early and didn’t see that!

But my video team stayed. Here’s a better video for you: http://youtu.be/kvXCKvbgGm4 (I’ll be uploaded nearly all the quarter final, semi final, and final matches in the next day or so.)

Watching the FTA sprint to 1100’s driver station…priceless.

Yeah. Remember to strap your batteries in!

I was the one who had to disable them, and although I knew I had to do it the second I saw their battery wobbling, I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel bad. SO tough to disable a robot in a finals match. Oh well, a lesson learned is a lesson earned.

I was so happy when they got picked up because I totally called it 20 seconds prior :stuck_out_tongue: (0:53 Behind the head ref, I turn to my right and point out that their partner could pick them up). Good stuff New England! What a fun event to volunteer at.

It was a great set of playoff matches. I was watching with some newcomers to FRC and they were incredibly impressed with the event and the teams.

That’s why there is such an extensive and rigorous physical training program for field tech staff*
It’s not just the robots that are finely tuned machines!

  • true only for the purposes of this post

This same thing happened at Indcmp with 1741 and 5402. Still pulled away with a score of 108

It also happened at the Michigan Championship, but I cannot remember what match. The tipped over bot almost got themselves upright by what looked like their own can burglar. Then their partner helped finish them off. That got a standing ovation. Couldn’t tell you what else happened in that match. :slight_smile:

Guys, here is some better video of quarterfinal 2 with the video from our driver station and the go pro inside the robot.

I love seeing things like this. I actually cheer when I see something like this it gets me so excited.