Our Robot Doesn't Turn Left?!

Hello! Our drivebase and electrical team finally has the robot rolling! It moves forwards, backwards, turns right, but can’t seem to turn left. It turns left for a fraction of a second and that’s it! Does someone know what’s wrong?

What do the lights on the speed controllers do when it fails to turn left? What do the lights on the digital sidecar do?

How did you resolve your previous problem of no signal to your speed controllers?

For our previous problem, the thing was that we connected each Talon to its own PWM individually instead of grouping two PWM cables together at a time. Sorry for my explanation, but anyways, it works, so that’s good … As for my current problem, I couldn’t tell you right now because I’m at home ( it’s 8pm on a Monday! ), but I’ll let you know tomorrow around 4pm.

Maybe it has the same issues as Derek Zoolander

In all seriousness I would check the motor controllers on the system first and then check your code.

The code is 100% perfect. Our two programming mentors and I have checked it at least 10 times each and we can’t find anything wrong. So, you’re saying that it’s the Talons that can go in all directions but not turn left?

I suspect that both this problem, and your previous talon problem both have the same root cause, not properly powering the Digital Sidecar.

Remove the DB-37 cable from the digital sidecar and verify that all 3 power LEDs on the Digital Sidecar are brightly lit. If they aren’t, make sure the digital sidecar is powered from a 20amp circuit from the PDB.

Talons are not directional. They only control the amount of power given to a motor and the motor’s polarity (positive or negative for the corresponding forward or reverse.) It would be helpful if you both posted a picture of your wiring as well as a zip file with your team’s code.