Our Robot [Is a Box]/[Is not a box] poll

I’m going to guess 75% for box after 100 votes.

Prompted by http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=84420


I think you’ll get a lot of “box with thing sticking out of it” this year.

Out robot is a [very slick looking] box. Everything contained in that box is set for a perfect center of gravity. The battery is dead in the middle.

Unlike previous years where a box was a box, boxes this year have very important chassis configurations and designs. And with those bumpers, they look just as impressive and maybe more impressive then robots with big huge masses of metal jetting out the top.

Last year our robot was essentially a fridge. I think we did a good job this year of making something a little bit sleeker. And I really do mean a little bit. It looks like a mini-fridge from this angle.

Not a box!](http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/35075) :]

nothing like a box!

Ours is a box with a scud launcher look to it when we put our arm up.

1379’s CNC beauty was one of the sexiest as P’tree, and I accordance with Alicen’s picture…not a box.

My team’s bot’s a box…A BOX WITH ATTITUDE!!! All of our angle might not be exactly 90 degrees, but we’re close enough.

We have a box than can go over the bump, under the tunnel, and still hang from the tower! Although we had a bunch of mechanical problems when we got to the NYC regional… We have to fix them before we go to some off-season events…


Not a box turtle!
Err … actually with dome top, green pattern decals and pop out kicker itkinda does look like one! But wayyy faster I assure you :smiley:

We are definitely a box http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2727/4415884455_3a022400cd.jpg

I said “not a box”… We’ve definitely got a slant on top, as well as a higher back to help block shots (and lets face it, visibility on the field).

These bumpers definitely leave you with less creative options, as far as the exterior goes. I’m thinking back to 2005 where every robot was different on the outside, and most expanded in some way or another.


So definitely not a box.


How can something be a box if IT DRIVES?! glare

votes box on poll

Its a box, but it does articulate.
The top screen moves up to deflect, but can go down to go under the tunnel.

Here is a short video of it.
Team 399 Highlight Arizona

I was amazed by how many robots are boxes this year, but ours isn’t.

Click to enlarge

Not a box. It’s a crab in a turtle shell (not a crab drive, just wide chassis mecanum so it moves sideways).

not a box turtle also (see sig pic)

No box for 2673

Box. It’s tough to stay under 18" for the tunnel when bumper height is 16", and yet have interesting geometry. Ironically we only used the tunnel once so far I can recall, and never explicitly planned to in the first place (it just somehow worked itself into our design considerations, gradually to the point where we were almost willing to relocate all the electronics to gain 1/4" more clearance).

Still, much nicer than our refrigerator bot last year.