Our robot loses connection during games

Throughout our whole event, our robot has been randomly disconnecting. Almost every match that we have played, our robot has disconnected on the field. It would occasionally come back to life after 2 or 1 minutes. We have had about 2 good matchs in which our robot did not disconnect. At first we thought that it was our radio, so we got a new radio yet the issue continued. Then we assumed it was our batteries, so we used only batteries that were 13 voltage and up but the issue still persisted. We noticed that one of our nuts on the breaker was lose and then assumed that was the cause, but once again the issue continued after we fixed it. We are thinking of replacing our roborio tomorrow to see if it helps but we truly are at a lose here. When we were going into the log on our computer we saw that there was a loss in voltage when we loss communication. This is what led us to believe that we a battery problem. We have checked our electrical and nothing seems to be wrong with it. We have a pneumatics systems to make our claw function and we use spark maxs as well as neos for our drive train.

Post your raw Driver Station logs and we can take a look.
Look for them in:
C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\FRC\Log Files
Each log is named by date-time and has two files and we need to see both: .dslog and .dsevents
Pick one that shows the problem, zip them and post in this thread.


Have you worked with the Control System Adviser (CSA) at your event?


That’s one of the most annoying issues a robot can have, and I know that from experience.

When we had that issue, it turned out that the power connector to the roborio was loose. It would jiggle and cause the rio to restart, disconnecting the robot. There are two sets of screws on that connector that you should make sure are tight- two screws on the side that grip the wires, and two screws on the top that screw it into the roborio.

Another thought, has it only happened in competition matches (not in practice)? If that’s it, it could be the ethernet connection to your drive station computer.

I hope you can figure it out!

Yes we have. They helped up get our log up to see what was happening internally. We are going to meet with some again tomorrow morning.

Will do when we get back to our pit tomorrow.

It only disconnected one time during us practicing with it. About the power to the rio, it was one of the first things that we checked and that we redid. One of my team mates had made sure to tighten the screws to insure that the connection was good.

We did think that it might just be our laptop that is disconnecting us but we do not have another laptop. Our robot has worked fine for testing and practice while being tethered. We are really hoping it isnt our laptop because we only have one proper programing laptop at the moment.

Some teams say that Windows Firewall messes with FMS though I personally never experienced it.

Yes, from as long as I can remember its important to keep all firewalls off.

didn’t have the time to post the logs but we found what the issue was. we had our power over ethernet cable reversed and just didn’t notice. It most likely wasn’t the only issue we were having, but it was the main cause of our disconnection.

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