Our sponsors are starting to come back - 2021

We have problem Our sponsors are starting to come back so
is there any conception. me help most teams I suggest.

Any way you could clarify what you’re trying to say? My interpretation is the following:

Our sponsors are coming back but we’re not sure if we’ll be competing - so what should we do?

This seems like a good problem to have! I think the best approach in this situation would be to communicate with your sponsors about the challenges your team is facing to participate this year. Let them know that you and your team have every intent to continue in the future, and that you appreciate the sponsors continued support.

If you don’t intend to register this year, but plan to do something else instead, communicate that to your sponsor and let them know what you’ll be doing! If you aren’t planning on doing anything, it would probably be best to let your sponsor know that as well to maintain the connection for the future.

I see that your team is from Israel, so I am assuming English isn’t your first language. I would bet that here is somewhere on here who speaks your native language and will be able to help you better that way. From what I understand, you are getting sponsors in 2021 coming back that sponsored you in 2020. The part I am confused about is “is there any conception” Did you mean competition? Since there most likely wont be in person competitions for 2020-21 season, helping out other teams is a great idea. There is also of other things you can do, including training, mini competitions, etc. Furthermore, communicating with your sponsors regularly on what’s happening with your team is important like Ryan said to makes sure they stick around to help you when we can all get back on the field.

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Yes English language is my 4th language
my Question is :
How to persuade sponsors to stay with the team? Because of the corona virus (COVID-19).
Possible ideas will help groups
כיצד ניתן לשכנע את sponsors להישאר עם הקבוצה?בגלל וירוס הקורונה (COVID-19)
רעיונות אפשרית תעזור לקבוצות

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