Our strategy regarding "hats"

“Hats” as one of our mentors call them are stacks of multiple tetras. Whenever poeeible we are going to sttempt to either destabilize them or literally steal them and throw them out of the arena.

What do you guys think of this strategy?

I hope you mean stacks sitting on the floor, because otherwise you cannot destack a tetra.

Or do you mean stacks of tetras other robots are self-containing to cap somewhere.

We had a good deal of success knocking tetras off of team 230’s robot at the UTC scrimmage, but I’m sure they’ll have tweaked their design to make this more difficult.

any tetras knocked out of the playing field will be added to the stacks of tetras for the automated loading zone, so all the robots will have to do is load more tetras.

and yes, we’ve made ourselves more stable when in position to stack tetras, as well as designed a way to hold tetras on top of our robot. people can hit our robot all they want, and we won’t move far enough to lose our tetras. :slight_smile:

If i understand you as saying picking up stacks that other teams have made on the floor and dropping them outside the areana… that would be pure defense and a legal move.

Yes, but people can still pick them off your robot :wink:

as i said, we also developed a more stable way of holding the tetras in our robot, not just making ourselves more stable on the ground. :smiley:

As mentioned earlier, you cant destack, and tetras that leave play are returned to the loading stations.

I havnt seen 230’s robot, but id like to see it and how your storing them.