Our team 41 Website

Hey everybody. another year another competition! Lets go out and have ourselves a fight! Team 41 now has an offical website thanks to the efforts of lehost.net. They gave us free hosting. The website will prob. consist of meetings, pics, vids, animations, and other tibits. The website is Http://www.whrhsrobotics.com Enjoy!

So is there anything there except for a Bloxsom placeholder page?

Woohoo free hosting!

But I do agree, your site could use a smidge more content. Not a bad start, there just isn’t much there yet…

I think its a great start… maybe you could get some pictures of your team and robot for us to see! And your pretty lucky getting it for free! Good luck this year


yes, we are gonna be putting more stuff up as we move along. we got the hosting around november 2004 but haven’t started it until yesterday because we were 2 busy with the robot. if you guys have any suggestions please do tell us? :yikes:

I think pictures and text would help. Design would also be nice.